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         About Adrein Jones Dot Com!

AdreinJones.com grew out of a series of spam emails I had with a Nigerian scammer named Adrein Jones.

Adrein emailed me one day with one of those "too good to be true" opportunities where if I helped him get money out of the country, I would be award a percentage of said money.

Obviously knowing it was a scam, I decided to mess with the guy for awhile, and it eventually turned into an epic. 

After publishing the conversations we had on my website, the reactions I got from people reading it were fantastic. Because of that, I decided to open up this website to chronicle more of my spam email exploits. And yes, every single one of these is real. 

Though most of them won't be as epic as Adrein Jones, I promise you all of them will make you laugh and are well worth the read!